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Benchtop Multi-chamber Incubator

Synvivo ensures the optimal culture environment for the best choice among right embryos. 


  • Synvivo is like a little apartment complex composed of eight individual independently working mini-incubators

  • Its eight chambers have individual on/off control for their gas supply

  • Each & individual chamber is equipped with heating elements on top as well as bottom of the chambers

  • 7” touch screen offers exact display configuration for user’s convenience

  • A VOC Filter administration program is integrated to automatically alert filter replacement

  • Compatible with most of the culture dishes

  • Easy administration of log data is possible through a USB port 

  • Quality certified components with proven performance allow Synvivo to produce  optimal culture environment

  • 16 x Nunc 4well dishes

  • 16 x Falcon / Nunc 60mm dishes 

  • 16 x 45mm multi well dishes

  • 48 x Nunc 35mm dishes

  • Every dish is seated securely and comfortably

Download File
Synvivo Brochure 2023.jpg

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