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Our Focus

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IVF Technology

Pulse Science Co., Ltd. represents a range of IVF Technology; we have instrument from Europe, Japan & USA to provide quality support services to our customers.


We Deployed our unsurpassed sample collection knowledge, clean room, medical expertise, and passion for creating solutions to help fight outbreaks of disease. 

We are provided a full option for Biosafety mobile work. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet WHO and CDC standards.

Clean Room

Our Mission is to become the leading provider in our field of all in one cleanroom technology and innovation equipment. We aim to be your one stop shop for all your laboratory equipment needs!

Microscope & Optics

Pulse Science Co., Ltd. started from design and manufacture of Relay lens for microscope and Opthlamic Slite lamp microscope, which is the first and only company in Thailand to sell to leading distributor of microscopes in Thailand and to customers in microscopic field.

Embryonic Stem Cells
Stem Cell

Product of stem cell technology;
cell monitor system, incubator and culture media.

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