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IncuWork mi


IncuWork mi is a microscope stage incubator, providing optimal stability of the environmental parameters for living cells during microscope examining. It’s the technology for maintaining optimal environment for living cells on microscope stage and keeping cell alive and healthy during long term time-lapse imaging.


  • Prepared for any inverted microscope

  • Ergonomic design

  • Temperature Control Unit generates warm air to provide the temperature inside the chamber.

  • Double warm air input ensures temperature uniformity inside the chamber

  • The heater is placed outside ensuring minimum vibration to the microscope

  • Stable and precise temperature throughout the chamber, range from 5 above ambient to 45

  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.1°C 

  • The focusing knob and stage control are outside allow easy to handle microscope

Download File
IncuWork mi Brochure 2023.jpg

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