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AFIAS Series


The AFIAS Series represents a fluorescence immunoassay-based POC analyzer, featuring an integrated Sample-to-Answer system that can conduct 1, 3, and 6 parallel tests based on the model. This compact POC system delivers prompt and reliable results in real-time. The AFIAS All-in-one cartridge further simplifies the process, enhancing user convenience and facilitating seamless operation.

Automated Fluorescence Immuno Assay System


    • Simple procedure with All-in-One cartridges
    • Easy to use without pipetting with proprietary C-tip
    • Quick test results with reliability
    • Small, compact, & light

    • AFIAS system for 3 parallel tests
    • Extra tip station – faster TAT
    • Compact system for multiple testing
    • User friendly UI

    • Sample-to-Answer POCT system
    • Easy to use without pipetting with proprietary C-tip
    • Up to 6 different parallel tests
    • Reliable test results
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