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Gas In-Line Filter


Protect your embryos in culture

MY C AIR Gas Line Filter contains a proprietary
two-stage filter of activated carbon & followed by 
a 0.1 μM HEPA filtration component. This filter design 
delivers a high level of VOC filtering capacity and 
is long-lasting for great value.


  • Unique impregnated membrane filter design
    increases surface area for maximum VOC filtering
    efficiency and longer filter life

  • 0.1 µM HEPA Filter for remove particles

  • No Chemicals Inside filter

  • For CO₂, N₂ and mixed gas 

  • All manufacturing is done in the cleanroom

  • Quick coupling connection - for fast and safe installation

  • Change the filter every 3 months for the best results.
    The maximum useful life is 6 months

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