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IncuWork baby


IncuWork baby is designed for premature babies which are still small and weak as well as for some sick full-term babies.

IncuWork baby are used in the primary care department of a hospital or in the neonatal intensive care unit.


 This product can control temperature and O2 appropriate for infant.


  • Infant was designed double wall hood for view around hood.

  • Temperature and O2 level controlled, 20-40 °C for temperature, range 21-100% for O2.

  • Skin Temperature Probe can set range 30.0-40.0 °C.

  • Programmable logic Control: PLC and alarm system consist of temperature, oxygen level, battery, and heart rate.

  • Infant incubators combined with blue light therapy for neonatal jaundice.

  • Arterial oxygen saturation system (SpO2) range 21-100 % for O2.

  • Circuit Breaker protected infant from short circuit.

  • Humidity control allows up to 95% relative humidity to be produced, meeting humidification requirements for even the smallest of neonates.

  • Noise Levels in the incubator are kept lower than 45dB, reducing stress levels in Neonates.

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