IncuWork ic

IncuWork ic is an IVF Working chamber, totally closed embryo culture system, which substantially enhances the working environment for IVF procedures- ICSI, IMSI, biopsy. The IncuWork ic is designed for efficiency and comfort allowing embryologists to reduce stress and fatigue. This product can improve embryo implantation rate, clinical pregnancy rate, egg quality and reduce embryo stress.


  • Ergonomic design

  • Prepared for inverted microscope for performing ICSI, IMSI, biopsy

  • Stable temperature for the entire chamber and hatch box, ambient +5°C to 45°C

  • CO2 and O2 level is controlled with an integrated gas mixing system to your preferred level, range 0-10% for CO2, 2-20% for O2

  • Hatch box: Mechanical interlock is preventing both doors from being opened at the same time.

  • Integrated with Anti-Vibration plate

  • Touch screen to control and display an overview of all functions

  • Alarm system and Data logging

  • Remote care concept for check up and maintenance

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